Fiber Optic Cleaning Products | Lint Free Fiber Optic Wipes

The CleanWipes™ 640 optical-grade fiber optic wipes are a “ruggedized” fiber optic cleaning tool that delivers perfectly clean end-faces at the lowest possible cost-per-cleaning. With 640 cleanings per box, these are engineered for cleaning bare fiber before fusion splicing and also for cleaning fiber end-faces. The wipe uses a unique “high-modulus” fabric (not paper!) which resists shredding even when cleaning LC connectors. It also dissipates static. For most end-users a single wipe is all that is needed for perfectly clean connectors.

MultiTask Surface Cleaner Presaturated Wipes

The Sticklers™ MultiTask Surface Cleaner presaturated wipes quickly and effectively remove dust, fingerprints, industrial grime, metal finings, plastic particulate, soot, exhaust fumes, waterproofing gels, oils, light grease, some inks, lint and fibers. The super-strong polyester wipes deliver quick, lint-free cleaning. The unique “slam-shut” lid seals the canister tightly closed when the wipes are not in use, extending shelf life and keeping costs down. Unique in the Industry: an UNLIMITED shelf life. Excellent materials compatibility. Highly economical, especially with the refills.

CleanWipes™ 90 Fiber Optic Wipes for the Benchtop

Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 90 Benchtop Wipes are high quality, optical-grade, lint-free fiber optic wipes designed for cleaning fiber end faces and cleaning fiber before splicing. They’re made of fabric (not paper!) which means they don’t put lint, cellulose or glues on your fiber end faces. They are exactly the right size and the right material to make “wet-dry” cleaning simple and cost-effective. These wipes are packaged with 90 sheets in a convenient “mini-tub.”

CleanWipes™ Singles are hermetically-sealed, lint-free fiber optic wipes engineered for cleaning in harsh environments. Get fast, consistent, convenient end-face cleaning even in the wind, rain, snow, dust storms, etc. Each wipe is protected in an envelope that keeps it clean and dry until opened. CleanWipes™ Singles resist shredding and tearing, even on LC end-faces. Each wipe can clean up to six connector end-faces.

Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 600 are high-quality optical grade wipes engineered for cleaning fiber prior to splicing, or for cleaning fiber optic jumpers and connector plugs. These wipes make cleaning virtually any kind of connector fast, reliable and affordable. This is the mid-tier choice of the Sticklers™ cleaning boxes and delivers clean end-faces at the lowest cost-per-clean.

The product contains 800 cleaning wipes engineered for cleaning fiber optic jumpers and connector plugs. Each sheet has four cleaning slots for four end-faces. This jumbo box of wipes makes cleaning virtually any kind of connector fast, reliable and affordable. The box is optimized for use in factory settings where portability is not a priority.

This lens cleaner kit is a great enhancement to video systems, security systems and photography. The cleaning kit is optimized for lenses, metals, plastics, glass and coatings. Will not harm chromatic coatings. The fluid is a fast-drying, residue-free cleaner engineered for cleaning optical devices. The wipes also are exceptional, fabric not paper, lint-free.