Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Cleaning Fluids and Sprays

You can’t get clean fiber with dirty alcohol, so the Sticklers™ team invented a whole line of cleaning fluids, of which the Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner is the most popular. These all are nonflammable, ultra-pure, fast-drying and spill-proof, which makes cleaning fast and easy. No water and no alcohol, because those are bad choices for cleaning fiber optics.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

There are many different Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaning kits. Each has been engineered to help techs in different industries clean fiber networks quickly, reliably and inexpensively. Each kit conveniently provides all the tools a tech needs to get the job done right.

CleanStixx™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs

Sticklers™ CleanStixx™ fiber optic cleaning swabs are the premier cleaning stick in the industry. They offer consistent, speedy, reliable and inexpensive cleaning. Available in six sizes, the patented high-purity tips mechanically scrub the end-face and out-perform the competition. Get your network running faster and more reliably with CleanStixx™ end-face connector cleaning sticks.

CleanClicker™ Fiber Optic End-Face Cleaners

Sticklers™ offers “click-to-clean” (also called “push-to-clean”) tools for SC, LC, MPO and all the other popular fiber optic connector configurations. These high-quality products have the most gentle activation on the market and the longest “throw” of cleaning ribbon. This means they deliver perfectly clean connectors with just one activation which results in faster, less expensive cleaning with minimal risk of damage to the end-faces.

Lint Free Fiber Optic Wipes

Each CleanWipes™ fiber optic wipe is optimized for a different chore, but they are all engineered to save you money. First, they feature optical-grade fabric, not paper. These “high modulus” fabric wipes deliver better cleaning at lower cost because they lint less and are engineered for wet-dry cleaning. Clean any surface, connector or splice quickly, consistently, conveniently and affordably.