Delivers maximum scalability and flexibility at 100G speed for next generation campus core/aggregation in a stackable form factor

Ruckus ICX 7850

Provides high density 10G and 40G capabilities of a chassis with the flexibility of a stackable aggregation or core switch

Ruckus ICX 7750

Delivers high-performance multi-gigabit access & 10G aggregation/distribution with 40G/100G uplinks

Ruckus ICX 7650

Delivers scale-out and high availability in an access, aggregation or distribution switch with 10G or 40G connections

Ruckus ICX 7450

Delivers gigabit Ethernet switch functionality and Layer 3 services without compromising performance and reliability

Ruckus ICX 7250

Entry-level enterprise-class multi-gigabit, standard, and compact access switches, available 24-port or 48-port with PoE

Ruckus ICX 7150

Ruckus optical transceivers deliver Ethernet Fiber connectivity with guaranteed compatibility with Ruckus switches

Optical Transceivers