Raisecom | Industrial Switch | 3G/4G Router

The Gazelle R102i/R202i/R202i-VM allows up to 6 Ethernet-based devices to simultaneously use a single cellular data account for primary or backup network connectivity to remote sites and devices. It meets the requirements for SME and outdoor networking deployment scenarios for many industries including finance, environmental protection, transportation, postal, military, meteorology, utility and more.

Gazelle R101i/R102i/R202i/R202i-VM/R210p

Raisecom | Industrial Switch | L2 DIN-Rail Manageable Industrial Switch

The Gazelle S1xxxi series consists of cost-effective, compact and manageable industrial switches with a wide selection of port numbers, speed and media types. These access switches enable delivery of reliable, continuous, and manageable services and comply with industrial regulations and standards.

RC862-30-BL, RC862-30-FV35

Raisecom | Industrial Switch | L2 Manageable EN50155 Industrial Switch

The Gazelle S1210i is an L2 DIN rail manageable EN50155 industrial switch designed to satisfy the requirements of data transmission specifically in the field of railway transportation

Gazelle S1210i/S1218i-PWR

Raisecom | Industrial Switch | L2/L3 19" Full Gigabit Manageable Industrial Switch

The Gazelle S5028i/S6028i/S6052i is a full-gigabit L2/L3 rack-mounted manageable industrial switch designed to satisfy broadband backbone transportation and aggregation requirements under rigorous industrial and business conditions.

Gazelle S5028i/S6028i/S6052i