Fiber Optic Cleaning Products | Cleaning Fluids & Sprays

This is your best choice across the industry for an icky pic cleaner! The Sticklers™ Adhesive and Gel Remover is a pocket-sized cleaning pen which removes cable gel quickly and easily. It features a strong, naturally-occurring, people-safe solvent. The unique chemistry and rugged packaging create a quick, easy and versatile cleaning tool. It removes icky pic gel, and almost anything sticky. Use everywhere — on trucks, in enterprise centers, repair shops, maintenance applications, tool kits, labs and offices.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid (2,200+ Cleanings)

This is the economical, jumbo-sized container of the Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner. The fluid is a nonflammable liquid specifically engineered for fiber optic connectors and for use during fusion splicing. Ultra-pure, no residues, fast-drying, spill-proof, this fluid hugely out-performs alcohol, and enhances the cleaning efficiency of any wipe, swab or cleaning tool. More than 2,200++ cleanings per pump bottle

This is an aerosol can of a super-pure dry gas which blows dust, lint, fiber, particulate and debris from cabinets and housings. A quick pre-clean of instrument enclosures, keyboards, racks and cable access points with the this Dust and Particle Remover helps to ensure perfectly clean connectors on the network, which eliminates the need for re-cleaning or costly troubleshooting and repairs. Optical-grade means double-filtered, to the highest purity, so the cleaning doesn’t add contamination to the work area. Nonflammable for maximum safety. Highly affordable.

MultiTask Surface Cleaner Presaturated Wipes

The Sticklers™ MultiTask Surface Cleaner presaturated wipes quickly and effectively remove dust, fingerprints, industrial grime, metal finings, plastic particulate, soot, exhaust fumes, waterproofing gels, oils, light grease, some inks, lint and fibers. The super-strong polyester wipes deliver quick, lint-free cleaning. The unique “slam-shut” lid seals the canister tightly closed when the wipes are not in use, extending shelf life and keeping costs down. Unique in the Industry: an UNLIMITED shelf life. Excellent materials compatibility. Highly economical, especially with the refills.

CleanBlast HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid

The CLEANBLAST™ HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid is the official cleaning fluid for the VIAVI SOLUTIONS CLEANBLAST™ fiber end-face cleaning system. Packaged by Sticklers™ to Viavi specifications, uses the same bottle and the same chemistry, and is VIAVI factory-approved. Engineered for cleaning SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000 and MPO/MTP connectors. Removes dust, lint, polishing grit, oil and fingerprints. Each bottle contains at least 8,000 cleanings. Nonflammable and fast drying. Nonhazardous/not regulated for easy shipping.

Optixx™ Lens Cleaner and Instrument Cleaner Kit

This lens cleaner kit is a great enhancement to video systems, security systems and photography. The cleaning kit is optimized for lenses, metals, plastics, glass and coatings. Will not harm chromatic coatings. The fluid is a fast-drying, residue-free cleaner engineered for cleaning optical devices. The wipes also are exceptional, fabric not paper, lint-free.