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8212 Business DECT Handset

A compact entry level, price-positioned DECT phone offering hands-free usage, supported on all ALE DECT infrastructures.

8232 Business DECT Handset

Middle range, ideal for large campus configurations. Efficient voice communication with great voice quality.

8242 Business DECT Handset

Our most advanced handset: a large 2.4 inch display, notification and location discovery capabilities, one-button alarm function ideal for hospitality and healthcare. Bluetooth support.

8262 Industrial DECT Handset

Designed for demanding environments such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas. Ruggedized body, shock-proof screen that withstands 2-meter falls, IP65 ingress protection, lone worker protection.

8262Ex Industrial DECT Handset

Dedicated to hazardous environments with potential risks of explosion. ATEX for zone 1 and 2 for Gas, Dust and Mine hazardous environments.

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8118 WLAN Handset

A basic phone that meets most office mobility needs.

8128 WLAN Handset

An advanced phone that offers extended features: a color display, hands-free, Ekahau Real Time Location System (RTLS) support and push-to-talk capabilities.

8128 SE WLAN Handset

Wireless handset for SIP networks