Ruijie | Cloud Class | RG-Class Manager Rainbow Cloud Class Software

RG-Class Manager Rainbow is a multi-media teaching system management software that is independently developed for the in-class interactive teaching between teachers and students. As a champion-caliber teaching management software of the Cloud Class Solution, RG-Class Manager Rainbow equipped with state-of-the-art technologies can achieve a seamless integration with the virtual technology of Cloud Class. RG-Class Manager Rainbow supports the regular features of computer-based teaching, including screen sharing, students monitoring and teaching material distributing. With its simplified administration system, teachers can switch on or off the machines with one click and easily change the teaching environments. RG- Class Manager Rainbow provides teachers and students with the abilities to submit and mark the homework effortlessly.

RG-Class Manager Rainbow Cloud Class Software

Ruijie | Cloud Class | RG-Rain100 V2 Cloud Classroom Device

The Ruijie RG-Rain100 V2 Cloud Terminal is one of the core components of the RCC Cloud Class Solution. The light and compact contemporary design of the Terminal creates an immaculate environment for the modern classrooms, while the diverse ports support the connection to a variety of external devices.

RG-Rain100 V2 Cloud Classroom Device

Ruijie | Cloud Class | RG-RCD Cloud Classroom Server Series

The Cloud Class Servers, including RG-RCD6000E V3 and RG-RCD3000
V3, are the core devices of the RCC Ruijie Cloud Class Solution V3
independently developed for classroom education. Each RG-RCD6000E
V3 supports up to 60 and each RG-RCD3000 V3 supports up to 35.
Teaching materials are distributed to the student devices through the
network to achieve centralized education, smart management and
simplified maintenance, bringing the computer room into the cloud era.
With years of accumulated experience in the education industry, the
Cloud Class provides a variety of education system mirrors based on different courses. With a simple one- key selection, teachers can select a wide diversity of teaching environments for the students to experience the infinite possibilities of cloud computing.

RG-RCD Cloud Classroom Server Series