Raisecom | Carrier Ethernet | Intelligent 10G Ethernet Demarcation Device

The cost-effective 10G EDD allows providers to easily expand capacity for high bandwidth applications. It is MEF CE2.0 compliant and provides end-to-end SLA monitoring.


Raisecom | Carrier Ethernet | Intelligent Ethernet Demarcation Device

The next generation MEF CE2.0 certified Ethernet demarcation devices with up to 4 x GE ports are perfect for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access services for businesses or mobile backhaul. They guarantee end-to-end SLA performance monitoring and service visibility.


Raisecom | Carrier Ethernet | L2 Carrier-Grade FE Access Switch

The ISCOM2100 series of access switches provides carrier-grade layer 2 connectivity. With up to 48 x FE downlink ports, up to 4 x GE uplink ports and PoE options, the ISCOM2100 is a cost-effective access solution for any enterprise, campus or residential network.

ISCOM2100(-PWR) Series

Raisecom | Carrier Ethernet | L2+ Carrier-Grade GE Access Switch

The ISCOM2600G(-PWR) is a next-generation cost-effective series of layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches, available with PoE. Using a high-performance hardware platform, it provides high capacity, high reliability and secure access for enterprises, campuses, residential and CDNs.

ISCOM2600G(-PWR) Series

Raisecom | Carrier Ethernet | L2+ Carrier-Grade GE Aggregation Switch

The RC002-16 is a 19" 3U height rack-mountable chassis, in which up to 16 service modules can be installed. It provides a CO/POP site solution for connecting up to 16 remote customers with SNMP management.


The ISCOM2900G series is layer 2 MEF-certified CE2.0 gigabit ethernet aggregation switch. The feature-rich high-performance series enables service providers or network managers to guarantee SLAs, monitor links end-to-end and increase network resiliency.


Raisecom | Carrier Ethernet | L3 Carrier-Grade GE/10GE Aggregation Switch

The ISCOM3000G(-PWR)(B) series are layer 3 carrier grade Gigabit Ethernet aggregation switches offering up to 4x10G uplinks, multiple 1G downlinks and PoE options. The series features high reliability, high security, easy management, along with advanced OAM and compliance with CE2.0 to deliver EPL, EVPL, EP-LAN, EVP-LAN, E-Access services.

ISCOM3000G (-PWR) and ISCOM3000X Series