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Coax Cabling solution has a wide RF measurements frequency range of 1-2,400 MHz. The Autotest takes about 15 seconds and both dual-ended and single-ended testing can be performed. There are customizable test limits for insertion loss and return loss.

Coax Adapters

Meet the level V accuracy specifications required for certifying Class FA cabling

Class FA Test Adapter

WireXpert's industrial Ethernet cabling test solution comprise of M12 adapter kits. Both channel and permanent link configurations with M12 industrial Ethernet connector are supported. Separate kits are available for two-pair (D-Coded) and four-pair (X-coded) industrial Ethernet test

M12 Adapter

Test your patch cords with WireXpert

Patch Cord Adapters

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New generation of Multimode Fiber Adapters adds full standards compliant fiber certification capability

EF Multimode Adapters

WireXpert's singlemode fiber adapters offer unmatched performance in certification testing of premise fiber optic cabling. In addition to 6-second dual ended, dual wavelength certification testing, WireXpert provides intuitive graphical work-flow for bi-directional testing.

Singlemode Adapter

Fast and accurate MPO/MTP® cabling and component testing with WireXpert certifier

MPO/MTP Testing